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Maria Nieto is a biology professor at Cal State East Bay. Maria’s works of fiction, Pig Behind The Bear and The Water of Life Remains in the Dead, have won several literary awards. Through history, science, and humor, Maria forces us to see the unseen: those killed and abused under the cover of nightfall. Maria’s third book, a work of nonfiction, The Spectrum of Sex: The Science of Male, Female, and Intersex, will be released early 2020.

Current Issue
15 Aug 2022

You turned and Hailé was hunched by the counter, holding the Rift in his bare stomach together with his hands.
Their eyes trace the curves of our gears / like birds eyeing the shoreline and we / recite the songs our makers wrote
During recess, we would fight all the time.
Friday: Appliance by J. O. Morgan 
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