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Welcome to 2003 -- you may have noticed that we've made a change here. This is just a brief note to explain the change.

We've reorganized our Table of Contents page -- previously, it was subdivided by category (Articles, Fiction, etc.), with four weeks of material in each category. We've decided that this approach wasn't optimal -- our weekly readers had to keep moving down the page, looking for the new material in each category. And the departments at the bottom of the page were visited less often than those at the top of the page -- which hardly seemed fair, considering all the hard work our editors and writers put in. We thought we could do better by you, and them.

We hope the new design (each week's new material kept together, in an obvious weekly issue, as it were) will address both those concerns, making it easy for all of you to read all of our material, every week. If you've only been visiting one of the top few categories, you've been missing out on some great stuff! We'll continue to keep a full month's material on the Contents at all times -- and remember, you can always do an Archive search to see what you've missed. Almost everything we've published in the last two and a half years is still available in our Archive, due to the kind generosity of our authors and artists. Enjoy!

And while I'm here, I'd just like to include a personal thank you to all of you who participated in the fund drive: the donors who gave us wonderful prizes to give away, and the readers who kindly donated hard-earned cash. I think it says something pretty impressive about our readers, that in a year where everyone else seemed to be tightening their belts and cutting back on expenses, they found the generosity to give some money in support of this marvelous field of speculative fiction, supporting the work we love, and the writers we love to read. We raised over $1800 in December, comfortably meeting and then exceeding our fund drive goal. I'm delighted to see that you're happy with what we're doing here -- we're happy to keep doing it, publishing steadily week-by-week, improving over time, giving you the best spec fic magazine we can.

Thank you! Happy New Year!


Copyright © 2003 Mary Anne Mohanraj

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Mary Anne Mohanraj is Editor-in-Chief of Strange Horizons.

Mary Anne Mohanraj was editor-in-chief of Strange Horizons from its launch in September 2000 until December 2003. Her most recent book is The Stars Change, and she is currently the editor-in-chief of Jaggery.
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