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She said, i set my love out over an ocean of space
in a ship made of recycled parts, and
if i do and if i don’t miss his dear body
then is that a healthy love?

when you feel a face so close
that it starts to be one feature
in your hands that touch any body—
how do you know if it fits like a glove?

then, She said, you measure your pace,
keep time with quiet hands, not singing hearts.
You will know when: when no body
can shove you off balance—

then you’ve found the place,
thin as a blade with an edge that smarts,
where everybody can feel your face
like a crucial lever, like a restless dove.

Rasha is a Palestinian Southerner who grew up between Damascus and rural Georgia and cut their teeth organizing on the south sides of Chicago and Atlanta. Rasha's work has appeared in Mslexia, Mizna, Room, and |tap| magazine, and is anthologized in Halal if You Hear Me (Haymarket 2019), Shame: an Anthology, and the Hugo-nominated Luminescent Threads: Connections to Octavia Butler (Twelfth Planet Press 2017). Rasha has received fellowships from The Poetry Foundation, Maryland State Arts Council, and Split This Rock, and is a member of the Radius of Arab American Writers and Alternate ROOTS. Their first chapbook, Shell Houses, is available from The Head & The Hand Press. Rasha is a cultural organizer, fiber artist, community technologist, once and future farmer and beekeeper, and a geek for science both fiction and fact. You can find them tweeting @rashaabdulhadi.
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