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The godfather picked up a hatchet from a nearby marble table and asked, “Who will volunteer to put their right hand on this marble table?”

As soon as the godfather finished saying those ominous words, the suck-up placed his right-hand on the marble table.

As soon as the suck-up did so, the godfather chopped off the hand at the wrist.

The suck-up then said, “that’s the cleanest cut that I have ever seen, and my dad was a butcher. But don’t worry, shortly my right-hand will grow back,” and it did.

The godfather then smiled for the first time in his adult life and said, “I see I’m not the only one with superpowers.”

“That’s not my only superpower,” the suck-up said. “I can show you all of them if you like Boss.”

“Come with me,” said the godfather before opening a portal to another dimension, and the suck-up did as he was told.

Steve Castro's poetry is forthcoming in Salamander, SLICE Magazine, and Dryland. An exquisite corpse short fiction collaborative project with visual artist Josh Dorman is forthcoming in 7x7. Kyle Dargan wrote, "Castro is taking his place in a poet constellation with other twinkling voices such as Walid Bitar, Elaine Equi, and Charles Simic." You can read more of Steve's writing at
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28 Nov 2022

The comb is kept in a small case and a magnifying glass is there for you
Know that the end / is something that you cannot escape here.
I wanted to ask francophone African speculative authors how they feel, how non-Black francophone African authors relate to the controversy, but also how they position themselves either as Afrofuturists or Africanfuturists, or as neither.
The new idea is to have the sixth sensors oversee the end of humanity.
By: RiverFlow
Translated by: Emily Jin
In conclusion, I argue that SF fanzines in China mostly played a transitional role. That is, when no professional platforms were available to publish articles and stories, fanzines stepped in. Though most of those fanzines did not last very long, they played the important role of compiling and delivering information. The key reason why I identify those magazines as fanzines is because all the contributors joined out of their interest in SF and worked for free.
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