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They pass a dwarf star around like a bottle of rum

from hand to hand. Each one taking a mouthful

gurgles then laughs out loud in their liquor-breaths.

Skinhead pulsars, ringing their body piercing,

practice planetary marshal arts—

ma mekom saranam,

ma mekom saranam.

Half-empty, half-full, the dwarf is seduced

by the spell of their foul mouths.

Their unwrapped breasts flare in the gaseous light.

Copper shackles dazzle from their unzipped nebulas.

Steel knives flash like supernovae.

Finished, they toss him away like a used-up blackbody.

Inside their ill-lit skulls, a dwarf star is

Sankar's poems have appeared or are forthcoming in over eighty journals and anthologies. Tebot Bach in California is publishing his first book of poetry, Moon Country, in 2009. He has also authored three poetry chapbooks and edited an anthology.
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6 Feb 2023

Beatriz Nogueira is fifteen years old when her life ends.
how humble it becomes after beliefs on it / burn up
Your quivering, alien shift from human to halfling to not-quite,   a carrion flower never in bloom, but burst.
Friday: Mundanity by Jonathan Carreau 
Issue 30 Jan 2023
By: Catherine Rockwood
By: Romie Stott
Podcast read by: Ciro Faienza
Podcast read by: Catherine Rockwood
Podcast read by: Romie Stott
Podcast read by: Maureen Kincaid Speller
Issue 23 Jan 2023
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Strange Horizons
2 Jan 2023
Welcome, fellow walkers of the jianghu.
Issue 2 Jan 2023
Strange Horizons
Issue 19 Dec 2022
Issue 12 Dec 2022
Issue 5 Dec 2022
Issue 28 Nov 2022
By: RiverFlow
Translated by: Emily Jin
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