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Strange Horizons Gallery Presents...

Ursula Freer

"My work takes me on an explorative journey into the realm of mystery and fantasy, the place where the imagination creates reality. Even though I am a trained traditional painter I find that the digital medium is a more adequate tool to express these flights into unknown worlds. I am fascinated with futuristic science and science fiction, the connection between man and nature, our planet and the universe."

Haiku ©Ursula Freer 2001

Tour Ursula's work, piece by piece. View thumbnails of Ursula's work.

Ursula Freer lives and works in Santa Fe, NM.

Please visit her at to view more of her work.

If you are interested in submitting art for the gallery, please read our submission guidelines and then contact us at


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Ursula Freer lives and works in Santa Fe, NM.
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